M.A. Matting

M.A. Matting time after time delivers an outstanding product. They supply a variety of different types of floor mats that can include your brand logo, brand name or any message you want to display. Also available are mats used for various reasons, front door mats to stop dirt and grit from getting tracked all throughout your establishment; anti fatigue mats that would be used perhaps where a front of the house waits, or even a cashier.


F Matic

Top of the line restroom accessories distributer, they specialize in air fresheners, toilet tissue and paper towel dispensers. You can choose from a variety of scents to set the tone of your establishment. We also have different forms and scents of soaps and hand sanitizing dispensers.


Golden Star

Golden Star is a distributer for all thingsĀ  mops, brooms, microfiber cleaning products, and cleaning accessories. Your restroom can easily make or break your establishment just as well as the cleanliness. Lets us know what you need and we will make sure you maintain a grade A appearance.